About Rubber Mixers

The TMP Techni-Mix heavy-duty tilt rubber mixer provides the highest quality mixing of all types of rubber, silicone and plastic compounds. Unlike kneader-type tilt mixers, the Techni-Mix components are designed as ruggedly as the traditional-type intensive mixers.  In addition, the tilt-body construction creates ease of clean out between different compounds and colors.

Equipped with our advanced mixer control system, The Techni-Mix mixes materials based on time, temperature or power (energy utilization – KWH), giving you consistent results, batch to batch. Many applications only require one pass through the TMP Techni-Mix rubber mixer before passing quality lab tests, with excellent material dispersion and physicals. This consistency greatly reduces total material processing cost, increasing productivity and profit.

55 Liter Rubber Mixer

Techni-Mix High Production Mixer

Techni-Mix rubber mixers are designed to the highest engineering standards and manufacturing specifications. High quality critical components such as roller bearings, AC variable speed high-horsepower motors and heavy-duty gear reducers make the Techni-Mix tilt-body rubber mixers as dependable as they are versatile, and are offered from 35 to 110 liter production models.

Techni-Mix Laboratory Mixer

The durable and versatile Techni-Mix series also offers a 5 to 110 liter rubber mixer for laboratory work.  Like it’s larger series counterparts, the tilt-body style lab mixer allows for ease of clean out between different compounds and colors.  The Techni-Mix lab mixer is as dependable as it is versatile.

Econo-Mix Rubber Mixer For Rubber & Silicone

The Econo-Mix mixers, a new line of kneader-type intensive mixers, combined with the Techni-Mix HD Series heavy duty tilt mixers allows TMP to meet your entire range of needs for economy and performance.

Contact us to learn more about our Techni-Mix HD Series and Econo-Mix Rubber Mixers. You can also download literature for more information on our Techni-Mix tilt style mixer.